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Hyperpigmentation with NeoGlucosamine

 TITLE Reduction in the Appearance of Facial Hyperpigmentation by Topical N-Acetyl Glucosamine
AUTHOR Donald L. Bissett, PhD, Larry R. Robinson, PhD et al.
PUBLICATION Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
YEAR 2007


Glucosamine has been reported to inhibit melanin production in melanocyte culture. It thus has a potential to reduce hyperpigmentation via topical use. Due to stability limitations of glucosamine, we chose to clinically evaluate the stable derivative N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG)*


N-acetyl glucosamine is known as NeoGlucosamine® in Exuviance products.


Benefits of N-acetyl glucosamine for facial hyperpigmentation

  • Through an 8 weeks study, it was shown that NAG was effective in improving the overall appearance of facial hyperpigmentation. 
  • NAG lightens the hyperpigmentation through the inhibition of melanin production – a dark pigment that causes visible hyperpigmentation on the skin.
  • Other than being an effective compound to improve hyperpigmentation, NAG help in synthesizing Hyaluronic acid, providing hydration and anti-aging benefits to the skin.
  • NAG is well tolerated by the skin and is a suitable ingredient for skin care products.

Analysis of Caucasian facial digital images for change in spot area fraction. More negative numbers indicate reduction in hyperpigmentation.